It’s Harvest time !

As u drive around some parts of Keaennuma u will see rice fields and realised that there are grains on the stalks almost ready for harvest.

Yesterday , we had the privilege of reaping a spiritual harvest. We went to visit a family , the husband and wife opened their hearts to accept Jesus and will be baptised on sun. He has been blessed by volunteers from Samaritan Purse who came to clean and restored his house which was inundated by the Tsunami.
All week he felt a strong desire to follow Jesus. So when we visited him , he just wanted to know how to do it. His wife also followed him to accept Jesus. When we told him that on sun we actually having a baptism service for couple of new believers , he straight away declares he and his wife want to be baptised too.

He said he was very blessed by the FCBC love japan teams who came to KHC. He loved the Singapore food they cook, especially the team that went in apr 2013.

Glory be to God. !!!





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