Thanksgiving for FCBC Sendai’s First Anniversary

Nov 1 2015, we celebrated the 1st birthday of FCBC Sendai.

Really ? Yes, one year old as a church.
It has been an action-packed, Holy Spirit- empowered 12 months.
There are so many milestones in these 12 months which we are really thankful for.
First , the launch of our first service as FCBC Sendai on Nov 1 2014 in the heart of
Jozenji Dori. The provision of this venue is a divine arrangement and blessing from God.
The provision of a group of committed believers to support us as we begin this church is
another divine arrangement.
Second , last Christmas we had our Senior Pastors Lawrence Khong and Nina Khong from FCBC Singapore visited us and Senior Pastor Lawrence presented a wonderful magic show and a christmas message . It was a real treat and great blessing to many who probably had never seen such superb magic show before. We also had the Tohoku Gospel Choir and christian artistes like Misa Kamiyama and Daisuke Yokoyama who celebrated Christmas with us.
Third, we met John Lucas on 31 December for the first time . Our hearts connected and we launched Sendai Community Gospel Choir in March.
Fourth, in January, we hosted Sendai House Of Prayer (SHOP) , a prayer meeting held on last Friday of each month together with PCC and Arise church.
Fifth,  in February together with Tai San we started KidsBrown , a computer aided tool to teach English to kids. Presently we have 10 students aged 4 to 9 yrs old.
Sixth, in April , May, June, September, October ( and coming November too ) we received Love Japan teams from FCBC Singapore . Together with them, we were able to organise Singapore Night/Japan Night /Gospel Night events and reach out to many people in Sendai.
Seventh, in July, we had our encounter weekend followed by our 1st baptism of Marumo and Hoe Chin.
Eighth , in August , we brought John Lucas and the Sendai Community Gospel Choir to perform at the Singapore G12 Asia Conference. It was a huge experience for the Choir and a great blessing to FCBC Singapore.
Ninth, in Oct we launched the Youth Night at Chillax.
Tenth , in Sep we launched the first cell in Shibuya Tokyo, running the “You Can” series.
Eleventh,  as we continue to run our eCircle programmes in the community ( yaotome) weekly , we saw more children added . Now we have 10 plus kids. We have also seen new people joining our eCircle Adults.
Twelveth , we celebrated KFBBC ’s inauguration of their new church building in April . We are encouraged to see  new people from the THU who now attend the church.

One response to “Thanksgiving for FCBC Sendai’s First Anniversary

  1. Dear Pastors Caleb & Christina, I am encouraged by what God has done,is doing & continue to do in Sendai & beyond. Well done to all your hardwork! May this 2016 be a year of greater harvest  as you continue to witness God’s faithfulness. May God continue to grant favour  in All your needs,finances & relationships. May your walk with God be sweeter with  each passing day! Grace Ng

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