Official Opening of Kesennuma First Bible Baptist Church.

Today we witness the goodness and faithfulness of God on KFBBC as we celebrate their official opening . Four years ago in 2011 the Tsunami washed  the church away but Ps Minegishi and the members persevered with meeting as a church in a printing shop. Now the Lord has provided a brand new building for them.  We declared that the glory of this present house ( church ) will be greater than the glory of the former house ( church ) which was washed away. And in this place He will grant peace.

Let us pray for KFBBC that it will be a lighthouse in Kesennuma, attracting many people to the Kingdom.


3 responses to “Official Opening of Kesennuma First Bible Baptist Church.

  1. Dear Caleb & Chris,

    We, the Phillip Thursday Fellowship Group certainly feel the excitement with you both. It is such a miracle to hear from you all, The Almighty God is doing in Miyagi. We rejoice with the fellow disciples in Kesennuma and praise God for His provision. Indeed the fruit of the labour since the time when Caleb rushed over to help post-Tsunami is revealed. We are convinced that KFBBC will grow from strength to strength, and many will find refuge, comfort and above all Eternal Life…. Thank you for sharing the wonderful news ….

    Together we serve a Risen Saviour, The Lord Jesus Christ.

    Blessings, Ming Wee.


  2. I am so blessed to witness the amazing hand of God at work in the life of this church KFBBC . I was part of fcbc ‘s first Love Japan team to help in Crisis relief during the tsunami of March 2011. Our team of 10 went to the printing shop to help clear away the debris of dead fishes washed into their printing shop by the tsunami, moved out the damaged printing machines , and mudded out the place . We then sat on the ground on a canvass sheet , lighted up a candle in the night and prayed that God will bless this printing shop and its owner Abe san and family . God works in amazing ways ! The printing shop not only came back together with growing businesses after a year , but it has offered the front part of its shop for kesennuma First Bible Baptish Church to have its Sunday worship services for the last 4 years . To me , it’s a great testimony of the goodness and faithfulness of God !

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