Gospel Camp Mar 2016

“When Jesus say yes , nobody can say no …..” A new song we learnt together at the Gospel camp.

It was the first time for the 3 choirs ( SCGC, IKGC, 1Voice ) from Miyagi under John Lucas to attend the 2 days/1 night gospel camp together.

Everyone enjoyed and looking forward to the camp next year.

It was held at Kinshuko campsite where the facilities are good and food ooishi.

We played games , sang together and had a talent night…” Japan Got Talent “…. this was definitely the highlight. At first we were afraid that Japanese will be too shy and reserve to participate. We thought they will not be able to handle the judges critic . We were pleasantly surprised. Everyone was so sporting and there 7 were performances. ( solos, duet and group).

A picture paints a thousand words. So here are a few photos and video. Enjoy!














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