This blog is dedicated to keep you posted regarding our work and ministry in the Miyagi Prefecture.

My wife Christina and I ( Caleb ) together with Pek Kuan and Victoria will spend the next few years serving the people in Miyagi affected by the

Mar 2011 earthquake , tsunami and nuclear disaster  at Fukushima .

On Mar 11 , 2011 , many us were glued to the TV as we watch the disasters that happened before us.  I was dumfounded by what I saw and I knew that we must go help the Japanese who are affected by this triple disasters. The first thing I did was to call my good friend Pastor Elmer and ask him if he is doing anything to help. He said he is making a recee trip to the Miyagi prefecture that weekend so I told him to wait for me as I will take the next flight out to Tokyo to join him.  So together with Shawn Lim from TCSI we arrived to an empty airport at Narita and made our way to meet Ps Elmer.

We were told that the expressways are all closed and there is petrol rationing but we managed to get a police permit for us to get on the express way. We managed to get a lorry , loaded it with some foodstuff and water and we headed north towards Miyagi.

It was very nervy as we were allowed to only filled up to quarter tank , we had to stop along the expressway to buy petrol.

I was stunned by the sight of the disaster and straight away got involved in clearing a shop ,belonging to an old lady, that was inundated by the tsunami.

Thereafter , more than 200 volunteers from FCBC went to Miyagi to distribute food , water , clear inundated shops and homes etc….

After two years , there are still a lot of needs among the people and FCBC is ready to deploy 4 of us to work closely with Kesennuma Hope Centre.

We want to bring hope and love to the people of Miyagi.

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  1. How could we forget God’s provision & protection along that highway near Fukushima. The last drop of petrol used up & the truck sputtered to a stop not just anywhere but a safe place. How He sent good samaritans to lent us a fuel tank to bring back petrol. Arise & shine! It is in FCBC’s DNA to serve the nations!

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