Moved to Sendai…part 2


 It is a culture in Japan that people who moves into a new neighbourhood would buy small gifts for their neighbours . So we took the opportunity to visit every household in our block (70 households)  to introduce ourselves and gave them a small cake. We also invited them to our house warming party on Dec 25. We got various responses:

Many were pleasantly surprised by our visits and gifts. We were told that this culture is less practised these days in the city.

Some took time to talk to us.

One of them invited us into their home.

One reciprocated and gave us fruits.

One even invited us into his home to pray for his daughter who is sick.

A few volunteered to avail themselves if we need any help.

Of course , we had a few who doesn’t want to even take our cakes. 

We are looking forward to Dec 25 house warming party.

While living in Sendai , we will continue to travel up to Kesennuma to serve together with Ps Minegishi in visiting the Kasetsujyutaku ( temporary housing units ). Please pray for us as each trip from Sendai to Kesennuma is 2 and a half hours of driving for just one way. As we are in the midst of winter , at times the road is icy and slippery.

Recently , we visited 2 Kasetsujyutaku to gave out Christmas cakes and gifts to children . We are going to visit certain Kasetsujyutaku on a regular basis to serve the people and have a good relationship with them. Last week we got to befriend 2 senior high school students and they were so happy to join us visit the people at the Kesetsu. We hope to take some volunteers from Sendai join us in our ministry in Kesennuma too. ( we need more Japanese speaking volunteers ).







One response to “Moved to Sendai…part 2

  1. Rejoicing with you ….just to see how God’s Hand is opening doors . Divine appointments are coming your way. Continue to uphold each other before the Throne of Grace.

    Indeed “God is with us”….IMMANUEL !!!!

    God Bless, Ming Wee.


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