Statue of Merlion in Kesennuma ?

YES ! the famous Merlion statue of Singapore is in Kesennuma.

Recently, we drove up to our usual place at Mt Amba to pray for the city of Kesennuma. We decided to walk up a pathway that leads further up the hill. When we arrived at the top of the hill ( which is about 235m ) high we saw this Merlion , carved out of wood . (see pictures below ) . The inscription already faded but we can still see that this miniature Merlion statue ( 2 feet high ) was donated by a shipping company from Singapore. This shows Singapore already has good relationship with the people in Kesennuma. Now we the Gideonite team will bring the good news to the people of Kesennuma. God already has gone ahead to prepare the way. From this city , the fire of revival will spread out to all of Japan .  ImageImageImage

Praise the Lord !

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