All Japan Empower 21 conference @ Kyoto 18-21 Oct 2013

All Japan Empower 21 – All Japan Empowered!

All Japan Empower 21 conference in Kyoto has indeed empowered all the Japan churches that attended the conference – a historic moment seeing all the Pentecostal churches in Japan gathered as one, longing for more of the Holy Spirit and for revival in Japan. One of the local pastors shared his heart cry “Lord, unless I see revival in Japan, I cannot die!”

There cannot be a more significant place to hold a revival conference than in Kyoto. Kyoto’s ancient name is City of Peace (平安京)and it was also in Kyoto where great martyrdom of  Christians took place almost 400 years ago.

Many international and local pastors travelled near and far to share their hearts for the nation alike. To name some:

–       Dr Niko and his team from Indonesia ministered to many with an incredibly intimate presence of the Lord.

–       The women of Japan were greatly inspired to arise and not be bound by traditions through Pastor Anne Gimenez’s preaching (SP of Rock Church International, Virginia, USA).

–       Pastor Billy Wilson, Executive Director E21 Global Office, shared with us that the place where the Azusa Street revival took place is now known as Little Tokyo where many Japanese reside.

–       Pastor Tom Hess, President of Jerusalem House of Prayer of All Nations, shared a vision he received: China is the barrel, Korea is the cork, Japan is the trigger.

–       Our beloved Senior Pastor, Apostle Lawrence Khong, led the Japanese into a mighty roar, re-ignite the spirit of the sword for the Lord and activate the DNA of Japan: Fearless Fighter.

So much has taken place over the 4-day conference, it would be impossible to put it all in words! If we really have to summarize, it would be this: God loves Japan, God has a special plan for Japan, and the time for Japan is now! What a privilege to be at the frontline of the mighty move of the Spirit!

The conference ended with the pastors anointing every single person who was there. For us, we concluded by spending half a day the next day visiting some of the significant landmarks of Kyoto. The most heart-wrenching site had to be at Shomen-dori where a monument was set in place to acknowledge the martyrdom of 52 Christians (children included) on 27 crosses (This was just one of the many sites where Christians were killed for their faith.). This must the spirit of Japanese Christians – “For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain.” Philippians 1:21 (NIV).



On a side note, we also want to thank God for the chance to reconnect with those who came from Singapore for the conference! Thanks for all that you brought us from back home! Your presence has warmed our hearts! Thanks for the love

Written by Victoria Lim





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