Earthquake 7.1

Last night while sleeping , we were awaken by an earthquake at 2.10 am.

In Kesennuma , the shaking of the house was quite mild , just the rattling of the window and we just went back to sleep.

However, few minutes later the announcement came out from the PA system ( the whole area where we live has a public PA system that gives info about what to do when there are calamities that might occur ) asking us to prepare for evacuation cos 

there could be a 1 m tsunami wave. Infact , this PA system is tested every day where at 6 am and 9 pm it broadcast music.

By now I am sure u have read or heard from the news that no major damage due to this earthquake . Thank God.

Today is Sat and we are expecting strong winds and heavy rain from the 2 typhoons that are passing by Japan on the eastern side. 

One response to “Earthquake 7.1

  1. Dear Ps Caleb and Ps Christina, thank God for His protection over both of you and all at Kesennuma. I pray that the Lord will use both of you and the team to bring love, hope and salvation to Japan. May the Lord stir my heart to rise up with compassion to be paying for the Japanese whom I am working with for so long.

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