Countdown…14 days before blast off to Kesennuma

Destination _ Kesennuma

Destination _ Kesennuma

All I can say is that…I have a mixed bag of emotions…SAD , because I am leaving behind people I know and love ( i already miss them )… NERVOUS, because I dont know how will it turn out …FEAR ,  will I be able to learn the language ? …EXCITED , because there are new challenges ahead… WORRIED ,  will my children ( already adults ) be ok without us around ? … HAPPY , because it is going to be new beginnings…ANXIOUS, will my leaders and members be able to adapt to new Team Pastors…COURAGES , because God is with me and the prayer cover that so many people are providing…full of faith ( nothing is impossible with God ), God is faithful , my wife (Christina) is with me.

4 responses to “Countdown…14 days before blast off to Kesennuma

  1. Peace upon you knowing that He is in-charge. Our CG will be praying for you. Don’t worry about us, we will adapt wherever we are being placed under.

  2. Pastor Caleb, our prayers and love go with you and Pastor Christina. God will take care of everything concerning you, because you are faithful.

  3. The Lord is your Strength and His Promise is He will always be with you+ And yes, we are feeling sad too 😦 …. Your faithfulness pleases and glorifies the Father…..
    F -face
    E – everything
    A – and
    R – rise……
    I am going to miss my sifu……… 😦 much much……

    • Hi Angie

      How is the market doing in Singapore ?

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