Home Sweet Home ( Jul 21 till Aug 21)

Together out at sea.

Together out at sea.

totally surprised !

totally surprised !

Gideonite trio returning to Sendai.

Gideonite trio returning to Sendai.

It was really nice to be home in Singapore . With a twinkle of an eye 11 months just passed us as we set up new home in Japan ( 4 months in Kesennuma and 7 months in Sendai ).

We came back and attended the G12 Asia Conference . The theme was Spiritual Awakening . We cried out to God that there will be a spiritual awakening over the people of Japan . The church will arise and fulfil God’s destiny in end times . It thrilled our hearts as Prophetess Cindy Jacob and Apostle & Senior Pastor Lawrence Khong declared that both Tabernacle of David and G12 Vision are God’s strategies for winning spiritual warfare and mobilizing the army of God .
In Japan , we are witnessing a powerful prayer movement with 24 hour House of prayers .

On the Sunday evening ,right after the 3 days G12 conference , we were treated to a grand birthday cum wedding anniversary party organized by our son Clarence and our daughter Caroline in honor of us . It was a real surprise for us to see about 160 guests standing up and applauding us as we walked into the banquet . It was a special moment for us to see so many of our friends and family members that my wife Christina could hardly hold her tears . A special slide show of our lives was screened and brought back many pleasant memories especially our 33 years together as a couple . We want to thank everyone of you who had been part of our lives. Above all ,we thank God for knitting Christina and I together and for bringing all of you into our lives and giving to us a wonderful family .

It was really nice to catch up with family and friends during our time in Singapore. Christina was happy to be able to see her 92 yrs old mum and to meet her sister Sharon who came from Perth. So sorry we were not able to meet some of you .

We were glad to have time to pack our apartment and to have some repairs done. Sharon and Choon Eng ( Christina’s sister and brother came to fix our kitchen cabinet and bathroom fittings.

Also grateful to John Tang and Catherine who took our family out for a day out in the sea on a yacht. ( we did not have time to go for holiday as a family so this was really good for us ).

All good things must come to an end .
So now we (Caleb, Christina and Pek Kuan ) are back in Japan – Sendai again for our second term. Looking forward to another exciting and fruitful year ahead….

One response to “Home Sweet Home ( Jul 21 till Aug 21)

  1. Praise God that we are able to have met up, although so briefly. Thanks, Chris, for sharing with us the ministry in Japan. We will faithfully commit you loved ones to the enablement of the Holy Spirit, providing ALL your needs, both spiritual and physical.

    Together we serve an Almighty God. Ming Wee.

    P.S. Lincoln & gang too have arrived safely in Kyoto. The kids missed one day of school. Tim & Tom, the 2 young ones asked if they could stay back in Singapore.


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