Lord of the Rings

God is so good.
One day during the month of Oct in 2013 while I was in Kyoto , I realised that my wedding ring was gone. I was wearing it everyday and at no time did i remove it. Maybe, I dropped it cos recently I lost weight and the ring was kind of loose fitting. I remember I was at an onsen a few days ago so maybe I dropped it there. What are the chances of finding it , very little. Anyway , I went back to the onsen ( after 3 days ) and ask the receptionist if they found a wedding ring. The receptionist took out from the office a little plastic bag containing my wedding ring. So amazing !

In Dec 2013 , we were moving to our new apartment in Sendai. That day, Christina was trying to stop the lift from closing as I was moving some boxes. Her wedding ring came off her finger (she also lost weight) and it fell straight thru a gap and into the lift well. We thought maybe we should buy new wedding rings. 2 weeks later the engineer from the lift company ( Otis ) came to service the lift and we asked him to search for the ring. He went into the lift well and searched for 20 minutes and could not find it. We also helped in the search but just could not find it. He told us that he would search again in his next service time a month later
Yesterday , he came to service the lift and he found it ! He came to our apartment to return us the ring.
This is so amazing !
I must also give credit to the Japanese people. They are people of high moral integrity with great sense of responsibility .

Both our wedding rings were lost and miraculously found. What is God telling us ? The first miracle in the Bible occurred in a wedding . The wedding banquet ran out of wine . Jesus turned water into wine – it was the best wine !
Both my wife and i experienced a miracle . I believe God will use us to help, build lives and strengthen marriages in Japan.
He is the Lord of the rings !


3 responses to “Lord of the Rings

  1. God is good…and His Love endures forever ! HE will never forsake His own, who remain faithful. Yes, Caleb & Chris, our loving Heavenly Father is watching over you . Lucy and I chuckle over your “interesting” accounts of the “lost rings”. Do we really “agonise ” over the loss of material things ? Not really….as the time of waiting, taught us to “wait & see” HIS mighty Hand to work and restore.

    Blessings, Ming Wee.


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