Jesus said , ” Let the children come to me ….”

Last Sat we had the real joy of visiting a Children’s Home in Kesennuma.

This is a Home for children who are comes from dysfunction family system.  (this is a stay in Home)

This is the first time this Home opened its door to KHC to do a program for the children.

We went in with the theme …”You Are Special ” 

We played ice-breakers , sang songs , made them form into groups to form a puzzle with the word “Special”.

Then I shared a short msg about why they are Special and after that served them lunch ( curry rice ).

There were about 30 children and they really enjoyed themselves as they played  games and sang.

Most of these children dont think they are special . They have been rejected and hurt so many times by adults and each other.

We hope to be able to go back there to bring God’s love to these children.

(sorry no pictures cos to protect the identities of the children it is not appropriate to put them up)


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