Genbikei Gorge

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Mon is off at KHC , so we decided to have go visit the scenic Genbikei Gorge . The river is very still and shallow and the boat ride is driven by a boatman who uses a bamboo stick to steer the flat bottom boat. The cliffs are just amazing . We were told that autumn is even better as the trees turn to blazing red and yellow. Is this enough to tempt you to come help us in KHC ? haha…this is just a side incentive , the greatest blessing is to see God use all of us to bring transformation to the lives of people in Kesennuma. We are still praying that our COE for our visas will be approved soon . We are still praying that we can settle our living accommodation cos we are staying at the dormitory in KHC . I am missing my wife Christina cos we are not living in the same room ( men and women dormitory is separate) ….haha no funny ideas πŸ™‚
Little by little we are progressing with our Japanese language… γ‚γ„γ†γˆγŠγ€€γ‹γγγ‘γ“ not bad eh ?
On Sept 4 , we celebrated the feast of trumpets we welcome the year 5744 where we blew the Shofar ( do u know u can get the Shofar app from iphone ? ). On Sep 14 we will observe the day of Atonement and remember Jesus sacrifice for us on the cross.
Then on Sep 19-26 we will celebrate the feast of tabernacle where we will have 8 nights of worship and praise , inviting the community to join us and releasing healing to those who are sick physically and emotionally .
Please pray with us for God’s presence and power .

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