Baptism service at New Song Ministries

Last Sun was a day of rejoicing when we witness the baptism of Sugawara San and his wife ( Shu ka San )

He shared that when he was young , his father encouraged him to attend church but he never did.

He is now a retired dentist and his son has taken over the business. During the Tsunami in 2011 , his house was inundated and it was the volunteers

from Samaritan Purse like Kazama San and Naomi San that came to help him clean up and restore his house. It is during this time that got to know

many christians from SP and thru their lives he was very blessed.  Recently , in Apr a volunteer team from Singapore came ( from FCBC ) and he had a

great time with them and enjoyed the food cooked by them at the Singapore Night.  Just a few weeks ago , he felt that he wanted to follow Jesus but

dont know to start .

Then last saturday when we visited him , he made the decision to follow Jesus and we led him to invite Jesus into his life. Shu Ga when young used to

attend church with her mother but as she grew up she drifted away and later when she married Sugawara she just adopted the family religious

tradition. Now that her husband is a christian , she also wanted to renew her faith and follow Jesus together with her husband.  Praise the Lord !

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