Prayer gaining momentum in Japan.

It is heartening that there is a fresh wind of prayer sweeping through Japan. When was the last time you attended a prayer meeting in Japan with about 100 people for 5 hours on a weekday , where their main agenda is lifting up the name of Jesus thru worship and prayer. The prayer mtg was led by young pastors from various churches and attended by Christians from all over who wanted intimacy with God. The main agenda is NOT coming to ask God for things for ourselves and ministries . We sang , we confess our sins , we read scripture , we were edified by the teachings from the young pastors , we soak in His presence and allow Him to speak to us and deal with us on issues in our lives and of course we pray for Japan spiritual revival. Praying together for 5 hrs didn’t feel like 5 hours at all . It was refreshing .
I attended one such prayer mtg recently in Aomori . The next one will be in Sapporo on 25 & 26 Aug .

This prayer movement is also accompanied by various Japanese churches running Houses of Prayer , some Houses of prayer are running on 24 hrs and some on blocks of several hours throughout the week. ( one such venue is Shinjuku House of Prayer – SHOP run by Shinjuku Shalom Church ).

I believe this prayer movement is the fuel that is igniting waves of spiritual revival that is coming to Japan from now till 2020 and beyond.

One response to “Prayer gaining momentum in Japan.

  1. What an encouragement and joy to receive such good news. Above all , the Heavenly hosts must be rejoicing too. Oh , that we will learn from these brethren in Japan, Indonesia….TO BE IN THE PRESENCE OF THE LORD TO BE COVERED BY HIS PRECIOUS BLOOD ; UNDER THE CANOPY OF HIS GLORY……

    We continue to remember you dear ones.

    God Bless, Ming Wee.


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