Living in community @ KHC

I am normally up at 5 am having my devotion time and prayer or in this case updating all of u with exciting things we have been doing at KHC :))
At 6.30 am is exercise time and we usually go for jog or walk by the river. After that is back at KHC to wash up and prepare breakfast and eating together. Different one of us will take turn to cook , set up table and wash the dishes , it’s spontaneous no roster. Of course when it comes to cooking only those who good at it do it. I normally stay out cos I don’t want to mess up the food for everyone…haha.
At 9 am it’s devotion time ( all together , 11 of us ) till 10 am. And after that recd instructions on what we need to do today.
Eg… Yesterday we had cell grp time till noon. We had 6 Japanese join us and we had our 5 Ws ( …the unofficial W is wallup haha …which means having a meal together. David Kazama gave us a surprise lunch where he grilled some “sama” fish and served sashimi …woo lah lah .

Then after lunch together with David and Lifang we head over to visit Udagara san . ( an elderly couple who survived the 2011 Tsunami. Their house is about 500 metres from the coast , the tsunami was one storey high and when it swept across the bay where they live , all their neighbors’ houses were washed away except theirs. Why ? , Otto san is in the building business so he laid a strong foundation for the house with huge stones and special cement mixture . ( reminds us that it is so important to lay a strong foundation in every thing that we do in our lives ).
They literally saw their neighbors’ houses got washed away and some bang into their house.
They also helped to rescue some neighbors . It was a traumatic experience for them.
Then we discover Oga san is a good singer and we enjoyed Karoke together. We prayed for them before we left and invited them to the feast of tabernacle.

Then we went to visit a vice principal of a high school who had stayed in Singapore for 3 yrs ( a great fan of Spore food and Spore. ( Also MU fan ). We invited him to our feast of tabernacle and explore possibilities of doing culture exchange with the school.

Then at 5 pm we drove to a temporary housing estate to distribute “daily supplies ” to the families.
The people are so warm and appreciative of us coming that many of them came out to meet us.
We had an impromptu gathering at the Carpark to chat , share and sing to them. We invited them to our feasts of tabernacle.

By the time we finished it was too late to go back to cook so we went to eat out together all
8 of us.

Back at KHC , wash up , some personal time and lights out at 11 pm. ( some still catching up on emails as usual haha )






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