“iSalt” in Kesennuma

Within just a few short days , we have been visiting several individuals and their families.
Yesterday , we visited someone whose mother in law is not well ( having back pain ) . We prayed for this older lady and later she asked her daughter in law to buy us lunch ( nice bowl of ramen ) :))
( picture below is an example of a tsunami survivors temporary housing which many people are still staying in. In this campsite there are 60 household )

We visited another lady who has 3 children and she requested us to come clear the weeds in her backyard. So next week will be busy doing gardening. Her house is designer built and on a small hill so the tsunami water did not reach it. ( see picture below ).

I Serve And Love Them !

At the picture below , the one in blue cap is David Kazama and on his right is his wife Li Fang. He is carrying his daughter Hiromi. ( they are hosting us at KHC ). Pek Kuan is helping to carry their new born Joshua who is 2 months old. So we have Caleb and Joshua in the same team haha very anointed !
David speaks Japanese / English / little Chinese and Li Fung speaks Chinese / Japanese / little English.




2 responses to ““iSalt” in Kesennuma

  1. As I read the post, I was led to pray for the spiritual climate of Kesennuma that the Blood of Jesus wash this land to break every curse and let faith arise among the people to see the Holy Spirit working through all of you in great signs and wonders, healing and deliverance.

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