Thanks a million !!!

20130826-214310.jpgYes indeed , the Japan Gideonite team wants to say a big thank you to all of you who took time to send us off at the airport and prayed for us. It was a massive show of love for us. We hope we did not miss out any of you by shaking ur hand or giving u a hug. We have arrived safely at Kesennuma Hope Centre (KHC). Exhausted , sleep deprived and ready to jump into bed. But the beautiful memories of all of u who were there at the airport spurred me to drop this note of thank you to all of u. Oyasumi nasai ( goodnight )

3 responses to “Thanks a million !!!

  1. Have a great time in Japan, Pastor! Doing His kingdom work!
    A big thank you to you and pastor Christina for all these times of love, care and concern. It have been good times learning from how the two of you live your lives!
    Sorry for not being able to sent you off due to NS commitments!
    God bless both of you!

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